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01/03/01 (Continuation)
JG: John Gural
MN: Mark Neisser GN: George Norcross


JG: Ah,hmmm.

MN: If by any strange stretch of the imagination Harrington does not get the judgeship. GN: Ah hum. You guys all well (i/a)

MN: Nah, nah, nah.

GN: (i/a) in bed at night? I'm doing everything possible.

MN: Okay. I'm just saying (i/a) remove him from Gallaghers's list if you want something to happen right here.

GN: If Harrington does not become a judge. MN: Yeah.

GN: He's gonna end up losing everything just about he has. MN: Why do you think he's working so hard? (i/a)

GN: And I think you will because Rosenberg and his jerk off former partner, what's the guys name, Hartman? You know when you go and try to take somebody out at that level you don't come in with rumor, innuendo, you better have proof. And they didn't have to shit.

MN: Just non-substantiated stuff.

GN: I talked to Bill Gormley personally. He said, look we obviously delayed it because you know, you can't move something when somebody gets up and says (i/a) But there has been nothing to substantiate anything (i/a)

MN: (i/a). How's this?

GN: You know John Harrington's ex-wife just wrote a glowing letter to Bill Gormley.

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Political corruption is a tradition here.
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