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  GN: I, I (inaudible), I met him once, I don't know. I'm talkin' about ... their firm to me... MN: Skip Cimino.
  GN:   ... is Skip.
  MN: Skip is a nice guy.
  GN: I don't know (inaudible)
  GN: I don't like that jerk off .. Drews ... Drews, something like that. JG: Rich Drews?
  GN: Is he another one of your guys?
  JG: No, you know what, I actually tossed him out a couple years ago. He's an arrogant fuck. I went to lunch with him, he was gonna give me ... like ahh ten grand. Gary asked me to get some money for him. I went in, he said he was gonna give it to me, went back for the next luncheon, this is a couple of years ago ... and I said Rich, you know I want the money, I want 10 ... so much of it was for the county, so much was for me. And he told me, he said John, off the record ...I just had a meeting with Paulsen. I gave Paulsen 25 K, he told me I can't give to your campaign-and that's all there is to it. And I said no problem...
  GN: Good way to work.

JG:   ...see ya around. And when we took control last year, he called me and I said, no Rich, I said ... we hart lunch last year.

GN: Go fuck yourself.

JG:   And I said go fuck yourself:

GN: Good. Well, he learned his lesson.

JG:   But ah.

MN: Paulsen plays that game with everybody except Alaimo. GN: Of course.

MN: He tells everybody ... you can't ... you wanna work with me you can't work with any Democrat.

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Hudson County, New Jersey is a place of many firsts - including genocide and slavery.
Political corruption is a tradition here.
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