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      know something that's interesting? Actually Lou Greenwald was in a meeting with me and Jim Beach and Harry Plat-and Lou, knowing he was going to Remington and Vernick did not pitch himself. He never did that. And we said ... to Harry, Harry wait a second. JCA was gonna be the, the engineer of record. I don't care about your fuckin' interview process. And Lou stood up for him.
  MN: Did he really?
    GN: Yes he did. Absolutely did. Right in the meeting.
  MN: Good to know.
  GN: `Cause I told Skip from the beginning ... he was in number two.

MN: Yeah. I think they're a little put out.

  GN: No he wasn't, he didn't have a problem with it. Maybe his local underlings were...

MN: Yeah.

  GN: ...but he didn't.
  MN: OK. Yeah.
  GN: Skip trusts me. He knows I don't play games with him.
  MN: I saw him last night in East Windsor.
  GN: I tell him where he has opportunities and where he doesn't. You know, I'm not gonna bull shit him.

MN: Yeah. He's doing well.

GN: : Oh their firm's ... done unbelievable.

MN: Yeah.


GN: And they're gonna do ... fantastic in a Democrat administration. Big time. Big...big, big, big.

MN: Alright.

GN: But I like them. I like the people in that firm. I mean, I think they're nice people.

MN: I don't like Steve DePalma. I know you.


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Hudson County, New Jersey is a place of many firsts - including genocide and slavery.
Political corruption is a tradition here.
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