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    JG:   ...last year when we took control ...umm...Bob Leather actually did me a favor. He did notappoint Ted Rosenberg...but he also didn't a name ... he did not name anybody else.
    GN: Right.


    GN: Ted Rosenberg ... Ted Rosenberg has no future ... anywhere. No Corzine, no McGreevy, no nothing ... zip o. He has no chance of anything ... and anybody he's associated with is gonna be tainted by him ... because of what he's done.
  GN: Rosenberg is history, I mean he is done ... and anything I can do to crush his ass, I wanna do ... cause I think he's just a ... an evil fuck.
  GN: You're either gonna be one of the, quote ...Gallagher team ... or one of the Rosen...Rosenberg, you know...Rosenberg is like irrelevant in this process. He doesn't even mean anything. The (inaudible) means nothing ...I mean you're a big jerk off with a title. What we need to do is to ... isolate a couple of the extremists ... on both sides. Harrington is obviously one extremist here. Rosenberg's another extremist, perhaps George Lee is. Bring everybody in, so instead of having ... a split that is 40-40-20 ... your split now ... you don't have a split, its 80-20. You still have 20 lunatics that are bought off by the Republican's ... but the 80 is now together, working for ... winning. I mean, winning cures a lot of problems.

JG:   You think you can get John Harrington and, and Ted Rosenberg in the same room?

GN: Oh no, I don't want them in the same room.


JG:   OK.

GN: Oh no, they're both history ... they're out.

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