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J u:   Nah, I didn't throw you out, you still do. GN: Did you try to throw us out?
JG: Absolutely not. Actually, last year, this time last year um, a couple of firms were submitting,. the republicans were doing some things, getting some quotes and I think that I actually faxed to you.

GN: (i/a) we got it through Chesley * Klein. JG:   Right.

GN: When we bought em and then when the democrats came over we thought we were getting tossed out. That's what it was.

JG:   Year, I faxed you some stuff last year when one of the other firms (i/a). GN: You didn't throw us out?
JG:   You're still in, you're still, you're. still in, yes.

MN: You got (i/a), you got Vineland.

JG: That's the only thing that Bob Wether won, it was R & V as sewer engineer and they did next to no work and, that, you know it's nothing, it's meaningless. The big things are actually special projects.
  GN: Jack Casey still live in Palmyra?
  JG:   Yeah, he does. We are arch enemies.
  GN: I haven't seen Jack in God knows how long.
  JG: I saw him in Atlantic City, he kind of avoided me, but we did say hello. MN: I he county now or state?
  JG: No, he works for the DOT. He's one of the guys in the Gateway. MN: On the Admiral Wilson Boulevard.
    GN: Decided not to run for (i/a). He saved, here's an example, he ended up saving Paulsen five, six, seven hundred thousand bucks on a race. She ran on a cake

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Hudson County, New Jersey is a place of many firsts - including genocide and slavery.
Political corruption is a tradition here.
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