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JG:   Right.

GN: Is the term up this year?

JG:   Yes, it is next month.

GN: And what are his ties, does he do any work there?

JG:   Uhm he's from Delran, he's uh, I really, been there a long time, he's an old party stalwart.

MN: Is he a Joe Foy guy?

JG: No, actually absolutely not very close to John Harrington. GN: Oh, is that right, maybe John will be fucking gone. JG: That would be a good thing. GN: Would you, I'm just thinking out loud here. JG:   Sure.
  GN: I don't want you to leave here today saying you know, George said this to me or George said that, we're just having an off the record...
  JG:   That's fine.
  GN: ...conversation. (i/a John, I want you to kill that fucking piece of shit. JG:   I understand.
  GN: Mark will tell you we've known each other for a lot of years. I have undying loyalty and debt to my friends and absolutely I would love to see the democrat party up there be under the auspices of a group of people that believe in the party (i/a) apparatus cause it's no different than a company, cause if you want to build something you gotta have people that can lead and build and grow and be a good manager so to speak and I'm not a one man band. I can't do that anymore. I don't have the time. Um, but I think, I think in more terms about how can we do something here that cuts off the dissidents at the knees. And that they can scream and yell all they want, but they don't have any influence anymore. We don't need `em. Fuck George Lee cause I can't imagine you wanting to do anything with him anyway

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Hudson County, New Jersey is a place of many firsts - including genocide and slavery.
Political corruption is a tradition here.
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