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MN: (i/a) made him Chief of Staff of something, yeah (i/a) smoke screen (va).
GN: But I think opportunities can exist and you can be an important part of it and you need to think about it and try to position yourself for the future whether it's legislative or countywide or whatever the case may be or no matter what it is, whether maybe it's just your company for that matter, uhm, somebody has to emerge here as a leader. People respect and like when I became chairman of the party, believe me, I didn't win any popularity contest. I had to spend several years proving to people what I was about and how I could win and how I could lead us to the promised land. But, and I always told people if I'm really liked, then I'm not doing my job. No party chairman can be liked and do a good job.

JG: Um hum.

GN: (phone rings GN answers) Yes sir, yeah Dennis, alright Dennis, yes (i/a) okay, good, fine, you'll be at the meeting tomorrow, fine, my guy will be at the meeting tomorrow, good, thanks Dennis, bye-bye (phone call ends) So um.

JG:   Well, there is one thing I would be interested in and if it's possible it would be the elections board, board of elections,

MN: Who's on there now?

JG:   Guy named Ray Branich, he's from Delran, he has 15 or 17 years and to tell you the truth, that's part of the problem also we got.
  GN: Is he a friend of...
  JG:   I'm sure that he is a friend of...
  GN: What was the other woman's name, who, what's the woman's name on there. JG:   Alice Furea, she's an employee of the board of elections, she's also vice. GN: No, no the other members.
  MN: The other guys.
  JG: Gary Car.
  GN: Oh, Gary on there.

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Hudson County, New Jersey is a place of many firsts - including genocide and slavery.
Political corruption is a tradition here.
First in a series by Anthony Olszewski – Click HERE to find out more.


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