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MN: If it hits. We're still waiting for that.

GN: I think it must be going to hit because you wouldn't see the freeholders go out and commission a.

JG:   Yeah, an independent study and all that shit.

GN: Right, unless something was coming and as crazy as John Green is he knows his shit.

JG:   He is well versed in that issue.

GN: If that stuff hits the fan, then you got a shot at doing something, but the only way that you really have and the way that you should point to is what municipalities can we pick up. How do we build stronger local organizations and you know I don't think Diane is vulnerable at this point. Let's put it this way, a nobody would come in that district and she's only gonna win by five thousand votes.
  JG: Uh hum.
  GN: But if you went out there and really went after her and tried to spend a half a million, in my opinion she would still win and you would be less half a million bucks.
  JG:   Right, I agree with that.
  GN: What's the point?
  MN: Why waste your money. GN: Why waste your money.
  JG:   She still wins by four thousand instead. GN: But she could move on. JG: Um hum.
    GN: When Saxton quits Congress, Diane you know she talked a lot about wanting to run against Toricelli, but she won't work hard enough to raise the money.
    JG: Um hum.

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Hudson County, New Jersey is a place of many firsts - including genocide and slavery.
Political corruption is a tradition here.
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