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JG: He called Bob Leather and he called me immediately and told me Morasshu called.

GN: If you wanted, if you wanted to maneuver somebody else in there, who was the people in the town, like a lot I'm sure you have the. talent to do that.

JG: I believe that I do.

GN: I'm sure you have.

JG:   Uh hum, it, it could not be John Harrington, it could not be easy.

GN: I said we got two problems here, Ted Rosenberg and John Harrington, they're the extremists here.

JG:   Right.

GN: Neither one of them, any of us, I won't have any dealings with and I'm doing everything I can- (i/a).

JG:   Okay.

  GN: If we can get the other people to come reasonably together we will work well together and we'll be successful well together. Now you're still, you're right you still do have a problem with the Foy's are on the payroll. I mean you know that's obvious and apparent. But a n, you know I don't think that, that I don't think they're that relevant other than promoting good will throughout the country. You won't see for example Tommy boy out there promoting the Democratic party because by his own admission, he works for Hill and he can't afford to be viewed as having that happen. Joe on the other hand, you just want to support a stronger democrat party, now the problem is you won't see Joe out there either because what do you think this emergency contract sits there because huh, huh, the misses knows how to put wires together, I don't know. But ya know we know what we're talking about here. All we want to do is build a nucleus of a new party that's what you want to do, that's what you want to do. Um, cause you never know opportunities can come
      along. Diane Allen can run for you know something else someday and that
      district, if it stays the way it is we win that Senate seat. I don't give a fuck
      who they put up. What do you want to be (i/a) that a (i/a) question.
  JG:   I know.
  GN: But I was going to ask you the same thing.

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Hudson County, New Jersey is a place of many firsts - including genocide and slavery.
Political corruption is a tradition here.
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