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MN: You just thought is was (i/a).
JG: That was part of it and then I went to Rosenberg, thought that he had the personality to the kind that could pull it together urn, and he almost, he almost pulled it off as you know.

GN: Sure.

JG:   But since then he shot himself in the foot and has even done a whole lot worse than that.

GN: I would have loved to have been there the night he said follow me, walk out. JG:   (laughing)
GN: I heard about that.

JG:   I was there, he walked past me.

GN: I heard it was so funny...

JG: He walked past me and I said what are you an asshole, are you an asshole and he said yeah you're right and went back in. I'm like, that was it, that was funny.
  GN: Remember he promised you and me I not doing it and the next day he stops (i/a.
  MN: I call him and said Ted, what the fuck are doing. He doesn't care, he's a fucking moron. That was embarrassing.
  GN: We need to isolate Teddy boy. JG:   Okay.
  GN: He has to be punished.
  MN: Is there anybody you can think of, I know the name John Morasshu, somebody threw out John Morasshu's name.
  JG:   I don't know him, I don't know.
  MN: I don't know the guy. He's from Pennsauken right?

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Hudson County, New Jersey is a place of many firsts - including genocide and slavery.
Political corruption is a tradition here.
First in a series by Anthony Olszewski – Click HERE to find out more.


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