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only way I can get rid of him. JG:   I can tell.
GN: You need to get rid of this fuck Rosenberg for me and teach this jerk off a lesson.

JG: Well, let me tell you what a couple of my problems are, um, first of all he is well liked in Palmyra. I'm going to be as honest with you as I can be, he is well liked in Palmyra, I mean as far as the other members of council.

GN: Dick Alaimo is well liked in Voorhees, he leaving tonight so what. JG:   Yeah.

MN: I feel bad about that.

GN: Who cares.

JG:   What I mean is my supporters, by base of support obviously starts with the folks in Palmyra.

GN: Sure I understand.

JG: And I guess it extends to the other democrats in the 7th district that's again from the Mason Dixon line being everything ease. of me, nothing counts out there. My towns are I know Abslom (i/a) an asshole, okay, but I got relationships with everybody in Edgewater Park, they're big Rosenberg supporters. Half of Willingboro um.
  GN: That's not true, Willingboro does not support Ted Rosenberg.
  JG: I uh, I agree with that but he does enjoy his guy Dave what's the hells his name, Dave Bryant, not Dave Bryant, Dave un black up there who's on the MUA.
  GN: Rosenberg has hurt himself over the last number of months. JG:   Yeah.
  GN: He certainly, hey when he ran the first time uh, you know, people didn't know him. and he (i/a).

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Hudson County, New Jersey is a place of many firsts - including genocide and slavery.
Political corruption is a tradition here.
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