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MN: You think it will be close?
GN: Yeah, sure, now that Gene Fransesco is governor. Absolutely it changed the whole dynamics.
MN: You think she's going to have a hard time getting uh.
GN: No, no, she'll get punched a couple times, but no big deal. She's a woman. MN: Pro choice, you gonna turn that down.

GN: So the bottom line here is what can we do in the interim. Here's an example of the mental midgets right now. Whoever McGreevey (i/a) you know what that means.

JG:   Is there one.

GN: No they're fighting over it. JG:   Okay.

GN: They're either going to be on the Gallagher team or the Rosenberg camp. Rosenberg is like irrelevant in this process. He doesn't even mean anything (i/a). You're a big jerk off with a title. What we need to do is to isolate a couple of the extremists on both sides. Harrington is obviously one extremist here, Rosenberg is another extremist, perhaps George Lucas, bring everybody in so instead of having a split that is 40-40-20, your split now is you don't have a split. Now it's 80-20, start 20 lunatics ' that are bought off by the republicans, but the 80 is now together working for winning. Now winning cures a lot of problems.
  JG: You think you can get John Harrington and Ted Rosenberg in the same room. GN: Oh no, I don't want them in the same room. JG:   Okay.
  GN: They're both history, they're out, that's why I want you to fire that fuck. JG:   I appreciate that, uh hum.
  GN: I sure that you do, I am doing everything humanly possible in things that are distasteful to get John Harrington on the bench, because I know that is the

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Hudson County, New Jersey is a place of many firsts - including genocide and slavery.
Political corruption is a tradition here.
First in a series by Anthony Olszewski – Click HERE to find out more.


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