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      redistricting and their only reason that Connor's and Conway are in it because nobody thought that anybody could win that year and they just threw these two boobs up. That's what happened. Now Williams have left.

JG:   Right.

GN: Jack, uh, Petrula has got them beat. JG:   Williams ran against them that year.

MN: Let me put my two cents in. I think the future of the county, I don't think Gallagher, I don't think Rosenberg, neither of them can be chairman in the future.

GN: Yeah, but-you have to remember something. Here's what's going on. The reality is that Gallagher has got a term through 2002. Urn, so he is where he is unless some kind of reasonable accommodation is worked out that everybody can live with. There are certain people that are going to be
        excluded from that list. Rosenberg is history and he is done and anything I can do to crus his ass, I wanna do because I just think he's just done, an evil fuck. And I don't say that about many people because politics you win, you lose, you live by the sword, you dies by the sword. This guy is going over the line, he's just a nut case. Urn, I could live with the Foy's, I could live with. I've looked at half these people want, what is wrong here. Why do you have this one, don't you guys like to win. That's when I came to do it.
  JG:   A lot of them are cozy with the Republicans. GN: That part is true.
  JG:   George Lee for instance, and the Foy's.
  GN: Well that's true, but I can tell you something. The Foy's are really only relevant, politically, I think in one town.
  JG:   I agree.
  GN: Alright. So that town is going to vote Democrat. They can't turn that um, Garfield DeMarco years ago realized that he needed to divide and conquer and that has run historically over the years very well. If I um, if I screw these people up so they're eating each other fighting each other, so that where it's

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Hudson County, New Jersey is a place of many firsts - including genocide and slavery.
Political corruption is a tradition here.
First in a series by Anthony Olszewski – Click HERE to find out more.


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