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    JG:   But, so yes. To answer your question, Rosenberg the solicitor, Gallagher, prosecutor, um, Mark and I had some serious conversation over the last couple weeks, you know. I'm just going to be blunt regarding Rosenberg's appointment and, and you know I had. I would not had replaced him um, I do consider him we're not close friends or anything like that, but to me the guy has been, he's been fair, he's been honest to the best of my knowledge and um, he's done a pretty good job. Um, so I would not have replaced him. Like I said, we had some serious conversation about it so un, the best I could hope for my form of government and I did some research last year when we took control. Um, Bob Leather actually did me a favor, he did not appoint Ted Rosenberg, but he also did not name anybody else.
    GN: Right.
    JG: He knew that it was politically motivated and you know and I'm asking him not to do this. Um, just to make my job easier and he says he doesn't want to get involved in my pissing match. Urn, he's not naming Gallagher either um, if I wanted to I could Lou's not real well, I'll use the word respected him,:. for ;some of the reasons you just said. People think he's naive and they don't think that he has what it takes to, to be a leader, so why are we perpetuating this type of situation.
      GN: But people just don't dislike Lou. They just don't (i/a). JG:   Some people do dislike him.
      GN: Really, he always having a good personal (i/a).
      JG:   Some people in Palmyra do dislike him, I know my municipal chair... GN: Oh (i/a). .
      JG: ...really, really dislikes him. One of the women on council dislikes him. Um, you things, things of that sort. bob Leather dislikes him um, but at any rate Bob did not appoint either one of them. But also did not appoint anybody to those positions. They're holdovers at this point. He said um, you know he made the statement our reorg on Monday night that un, he's not appointing anybody, they're holdovers and that in thirty days Borough Council can do what they want and he gave me, you know it's, it's you know, it's up to me now to do whatever it is, what we're going to do.

14:31   GN: Ted Rosenberg has no future anywhere. No Corzine, no McGreevey, No

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Hudson County, New Jersey is a place of many firsts - including genocide and slavery.
Political corruption is a tradition here.
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