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      chair, because of a letter he put out. Dave Absert, Absert who's the mayor there and some of the other democrats. He put it out on a county, I mean uh, Edgewater Park letterhead. They're getting ready to toss him.

GN: What uh, I read in the paper um, if I read it correctly, did it say that Palmyra did not appoint Gallagher or.

JG:   That is correct.

GN: Whatever his name is. JG:   Rosenberg.

GN: I could not tell whether it was that story or not. JG:   Yeah, it's a little bit complicated. GN: One got one job, one has another job.
  JG:   Gallagher's prosecutor, Rosenberg's solicitor. Now back up a little bit. When I asked Rosenberg to run for chairman, I also asked him at that time to be our solicitor.
  GN: Right.
  JG:   It was just not going to be John Harrington and... GN: And who had it.
  JG:   No, he didn't have it. But I guess that's who everybody expected was going to get the job and you know to be honest again I'm not a, I'm not a John fan. I know I've just been exposed to him a lot and uh, so I asked Rosenberg if he wanted to get more involved.
  MN: (i/a).
  JG:   I understand, I understand.
  MN: I think people have a different opinion. JG:   I'm just being honest, um.
  GN: The little fuck will sell out anybody. I know that.

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Hudson County, New Jersey is a place of many firsts - including genocide and slavery.
Political corruption is a tradition here.
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