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GN: (i/a) Lou Gallagher.
JG:   Okay. I met Lou Gallagher for the first time thirteen or fourteen months ago, whatever it was. First of all, I'm not a big Jack Casey fan or a John Harrington fan to be perfectly honest. Um, Jack and I had our problems in Palmyra, um.

GN: I didn't know Jack was. from there.

JG:   That's right. He ran for mayor last year against me. I ran for mayor in Palmyra and...

GN: I bet he's another James for the county republicans.

JG: I know that. I knew he did that and he's sucking up votes away from me and it cost me the race Bob Leather won again. Um, my council candidates did win, however when we took control last year for the first time.

MN: Are you on council now?

JG:   Yes, I just got elected to my third term. GN: Okay.

JG: Um, so Bob right after we took control last year, November's election, um, I knew that we weren't going anywhere and Gary is a nice guy. Gary Carr I'm talking about. I just didn't think he had um, had what it.
  GN: He doesn't have no back bone.
  JG:   He doesn't, he's soft, no skills whatsoever, um, and I felt if we're ever going to be a player or want to get anywhere in the party, then you know nobody is doing anything about it. I felt that I should exert some of whatever influence that I had, anyway make a long story short I asked Rosenberg to run for chairman.
  GN: Why didn't you run?
  JG: Um.
  GN: Didn't we talk about that. I didn't know who you were.

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Hudson County, New Jersey is a place of many firsts - including genocide and slavery.
Political corruption is a tradition here.
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