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            and you could tell he was very nervous because he was the only guy there anti and there were scores of people pro and he walks up to me, I think hoping that I was gonna say how you doing.
    MN: What's his first name? GN: Ted.
    JG:   Ted.

14:20   GN: How you doing Ted? And I said you're a no good fucking piece of shit and to stoop to this level and he started shaking. Because you could tell like he was ready to explode and I knew the guy would never hit me in as judicial chambers. So I said oh, this is the lowest thing I've ever seen happen in politics. You are apiece of shit. You stand up and make unsupportive allegations about a guy with no proof whatsoever and I guarantee you that John Harrington is going to become a judge. You make the (i/a) a little while and I suspect you will and he will become a judge. And then you're going to find that all your supporters are going to dump you like nothing.
      MN: He likes to tell people that McGreevey.
      GN: True. Can I tell you something. McGreevey doesn't even care about him. JG:   I believe that.
      GN: He has no interest. You know what McGreevey said to me at Joe Robert's last week? I don't care about these fringe people. Let's try to have people work together and I said good. I met with Tommy Foy and we're meeting with other people to try to bring some level of peace here, because all that's going to happen is democrats are going to loose Burlington County. Democratic party is gonna get hurt more. Less money's gonna be raised to put in the coffers for legislature races and other lies and what good is any of that. It's. a bunch of crap. Now in fairness, you know there are people on, on quote the other side there, I'm sure they're a couple of there. I don't think anybody rivals Ted Rosenberg or George Lee, but there are other less mature then they should be too. Urn, I don't understand why all this fighting goes on. Jealousy over.
        JG:   If, I think, I can be, if I can be speak perfectly, perfectly frank. Yeah, I don't know this or not, but a year ago.

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Hudson County, New Jersey is a place of many firsts - including genocide and slavery.
Political corruption is a tradition here.
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