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      and get rid of him. He couldn't, you should see him, it's like the anger inside the guy. I'm going to myself this is just not for John Harrington. This guy's got a mental condition, there's something wrong here.
JG:   A lot of people say that. GN: Very what.
JG:   He does passionately hate John Harrington. GN: But he's so tightly wired. MN: What did he ever do to them?
JG:   I honestly, I really don't know.

GN: Don't know. But I went out with him because Green told me that you know you sit down and talk to him and find him and I said look guys the objective here is for everybody to win or to win a party and it's not going to happen in one year, it's going to take time. The objective here is not to kill each other or to be bought off before the election, then you lose. He gets his word to John Green, let's get rid of Harrington, Harrington disappears, Harrington becomes a judge, whatever the case. We move on.

MN: He gave his word about that?

GN: Oh yeah. He gave his word he would not, he would not oppose him. He said I will not support him, but I will not oppose him. And then, of course, he puts the thing uh, the ad in, in the John Harrington is going to become a judge. I told that jerk off in Trenton, I had to be in Trenton one day when Harrington's thing happened.
  JG: Gary, I ran into Gary in Atlantic City and he. GN: Who's Gary?
  JG: Gary Carr.
  GN: Was Gary in?
  JG: No he, he told me that you had an argument with him.
  GN: Oh, I told the fuck, normally I would never do this. He walks up to me

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Hudson County, New Jersey is a place of many firsts - including genocide and slavery.
Political corruption is a tradition here.
First in a series by Anthony Olszewski – Click HERE to find out more.


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