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    JG:   That's right. I agree with that.
    GN: And people end up getting into these vicious fights (i/a). All I did was try to help people build their organization to win so that we could as a region increase our clout. Never let anyone tell you I'm doing what John Harrington is doing for a living. No more, first of all I don't need to do that.
    JG:   Right.
    GN: Thank God I've been blessed and I don't need to do it, but you have people that all would like to (i/a) and this guy, who's a lunatic. Who wrote a nasty letter about cancer.
    MN: Apsalon.
      JG: Dave Apsalon from Edgewater Park. GN: What a nut he is.. MN: He's...
      GN: (i/a) have cancer or had cancer. I mean what a fucking nut, who would write a nasty letter like that. Um, so a couple weeks ago and I also ended up having to meet him once with this Rosenberg.
      JG:   I'm aware of it. GN: Who is certifiable.
      JG:   He (i/a). GN: He's nuts.
      JG:   He's a lunatic.

14:18   GN: I look into that man's eyes and if he's facing with his back to Atlantic City I could see through there. I mean he is crazy, this guy. And, and a pathological liar, I mean a complete and total liar. I can't deal with that and the guy sits here and promises John (i/a). I give him my word to support his one. I said to him listen. You don't like Harrington, a lot of people don't like John Harrington. The best thing you could do and even his own lawyer should embrace us and love us. Make him a fucking judge

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Hudson County, New Jersey is a place of many firsts - including genocide and slavery.
Political corruption is a tradition here.
First in a series by Anthony Olszewski – Click HERE to find out more.


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