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          because he won the election (i/a) Pennsauken's results and that's when we won nineteen hundred to two hundred or something and we went on TV declaring victory assuming he got beat in Pennsauken two to one. Now (i/a) (laughter) (i/a).
    JG:   That was the ticket that Casey ran in the assembly. (i/a) Right, hostile one. MN: When did she quit?

14:15   GN: Now, here's what happened. About a month or two later it became know that she had not filed a uh political action committee election fund report for like five years. And if you have insignificant activity it would be irrelevant.
    JG:   Right.
    GN: She had hundreds of thousands contribution expenditures and then it turned out that she paid hairdresser bills and cars-all kinds of personal expenses. So I would sit down and say Cathy. Now Brad Smith at the time who was the senator.
    JG: Uh hum.
    GN: And Jose Sosa or something like that. JG:   Yeah Sosa.
    GN: And a black woman and I forgot her name, whatever it was. I would just sit ??? and say listen you're going to get beat and I would talk her out of running. And got, got her off the ticket and we put Jack, well Jack moved up and I guess that's how George Williams got on.
    . JG:   Right, that's right.
      GN: And I didn't know George. And well he was a little strange from the beginning but.
      JG: Um huh.
      GN: I thought a decent guy. Little did I know later Casey hated (i/a) Williams and John Casey is the reason George Williams flipped. (i/a) Diane Allen never would have run for office had there not been a split in the democrat party. Because I went to Diane to recruit her to run for office. And she

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Hudson County, New Jersey is a place of many firsts - including genocide and slavery.
Political corruption is a tradition here.
First in a series by Anthony Olszewski – Click HERE to find out more.


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