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GN: I'm pretty sure he was older than me. Is he a kook? He was a kook when he was young.

JG: He was a little goofy. Urn, he was, he's really estranged from the county republicans over the whole light rail thing. Uh, the local republicans hate his guts. Um, they, he ran, he won re-election. He's an independent republican, he won re-election, but he still works for the county.

GN: Really?

JG: He, he basically taunts them into, you know. GN: They're afraid to fire him.

JG: Uh probably. Yeah, I'm sure that's what it is. And he uh, you know they, they've done things like cut his un the number of days that, that he works and uh put him in a smaller office. Matter of fact he's literally in a broom closet right now. But he goes to work every day and does his thing.
  GN: (i/a) is he married?:.: JG:   Yea, he married a girl. GN: Oh, he did marry? JG: Um.
  GN: Boy, that's a shame.
  JG: From Brazil who was half his age. He got married about uh, three years ago.
  MN: (i/a)
  JG:   Well.
  GN: (i/a) people wondered. JG; Yeah.
  GN: When we were young, younger. JG:   A lot of people bucked out.

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Hudson County, New Jersey is a place of many firsts - including genocide and slavery.
Political corruption is a tradition here.
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