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GN: That's it.
JG:   It's out of control.
GN: That's what happened when people are in the minority. I don't get that. JG:   Um, I don't know.
GN: (i/a) over dead carpet.
JG:   It's scraps that we're that we're bickering over is what it amounts to. Um, Why I really can't answer that. I guess everybody thinks they're, they know what they're doing. They think that um nobody wants anybody stepping on in their pissing in their backyard kind fo thing.

GN: In 1993. JG:   So.
GN: I raised and spend six, seven hundred thousand dollars for Casey ?? and George Williams back then.

JG: Urn, `93?

GN: Um `93.

JG:   Yeah, that would have been that group.

GN: We win the election. I don't have anything to do with anything other than legislative race that's it. Now I understand you know you become theboogie man and all that other stuff.

JG:   Right.

GN: People start saying nasty things about me. I don't go in for that. I just spend all this money to get guys elected and it there was a guy in Willingboro who is really picking on me and I actually went to an even in Willingboro. First time I ever went to an event in Burlington County and they and me to speak. So I get up and speak and I said you read such and such in the articles. There were like 200 people there. And I said could you stand up please? Why have you been beating me up all the time?

JG: Now this was a Democrat?

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Hudson County, New Jersey is a place of many firsts - including genocide and slavery.
Political corruption is a tradition here.
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