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      (Exchanging greetings and talk about sweatshirts)

14:02:29   JG:   I heard a rumor today. I don't want ...I don't want (i/a) I don't think it's true but (i/a) Lou Greenwald is going to work for Remington (i/a)
      GN: No, it, it true.
      JG:   It is true?
      GN: (i/a) practice of law and they made him a gigantic offer. JG:   No shit.
      GN: And un, I actually had a conversation with Remington and he said uh ...uh.

MN: Thank you.

      JG: Thank you very much.
      MN: Is there any decaf around ma'am?
      UF:   Yes, there is.
      GN: Um.
      JG: Thank you.
  14:03   GN: I said over the year, I will say the last five or six years they have really neglected their base in Burlington, Gloucester counties and they've lost I think a lot of good will and that and that's because of Schoor-DePalma and you who have basically slid in and developed that good will and I think their eye was. off the ball and uh, they realized they needed to create some good will so they make Lou an offer he couldn't turn down.
        MN: No kidding. So he's gonna go to work, to work full time?

GN: Started uh, yesterday.

        MN: That's funny. He's doing an assignment for me. If it was that important he didn't tell me. (i/a)

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Hudson County, New Jersey is a place of many firsts - including genocide and slavery.
Political corruption is a tradition here.
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